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Brennen Schmidt

Cyber Security Strategist

About Brennen Schmidt

Brennen grew up in the late 1990s and discovered the internet, but his parents had it password-protected. He found a way to hack into it using the search function on Windows 98 and stumbled upon a text file with the username and password to access dial-up. His secret mission was interrupted by his mom's incoming phone call, and he was caught. After that incident, a new rule was established in his household: he could only use the internet if he promised to practice safe online behaviors. This moment of discovery led Brennen to develop a knack for problem-solving and helped him in his career in technology, emergency planning, and crisis response.


Brennen has worked for various organizations, including the office of the Saskatchewan Premier, where he has witnessed how a lack of preventative planning and cognitive bias with technology can lead to an array of problems, especially during a crisis. He believes that reconnecting with our imagination is the key to changing the way we respond to a crisis before it happens. As a disrupter who can communicate across languages of strategy, privacy, cybersecurity, and change management, Brennen brings a unique perspective to the table. He has a track record of bringing together seemingly disparate ideas and teams to find solutions that bridge the gap between people, processes, and technology. Brennen dares to ask hard questions and lead with the boldness of his imagination, challenging us to imagine what a crisis looks like before it happens.