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Sharon Koifman

CEO - Business Leadership, Remote Workers, Hybrid Workplace & Corporate Culture.

About Sharon Koifman

Sharon Koifman is obsessed with remote leadership. After years in the web hosting industry, he started DistantJob in 2009 as the first remote recruitment agency aimed at disrupting the way companies hire. Since then, Sharon Koifman has studied and researched not only how to operate remote businesses but how to create an amazing work culture, one where people love to come to work. Sharon Koifman has dedicated his mind to finding ways - through systems and processes, services and tools - to bridge the gap between the faces in the monitor and the people in the real world.

This culminated with him becoming the author of Surviving Remote Work, an in-depth guide for both managers and employees on how to navigate the fast-growing world of remote work. Surviving Remote Work debuted in November 2020 as a #1 Amazon bestseller in its category. Sharon Koifman’s company has also launched a highly successful podcast interviewing leaders from tech companies about the ins and outs of remote work (fast approaching 150 episodes), and will soon debut a new media company called Think Remote.


Now, we are at an unprecedented time in history. A global pandemic has changed the way billions of us live and work. CEOs and workers who used to operate out of a central office suddenly find themselves working remotely, trying to be productive and content in an environment they’re not used to occupying. Sharon Koifman is the perfect guide to lead thousands of companies through these trying times, as he and his company are changing the way we think about remote.